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Filipe Monteiro

Filipe Monteiro’s music is a blend of different influences: folk music, Jazz, Brazilian music, ‘Música Gaúcha’,- the music of southern Brazil, Rock, Groove Music among other styles. It combines simplicity with sophisticated rhythms and harmonies in a way that makes it both accessible and original.

From the time he began playing guitar, Filipe has written his own tunes. At first these were simple chord-structures, but as his writing grew more subtle and sophisticated he began to develop a distinctive sound: he was on a journey and in his early twenties he took to the road with his guitar and his wife, spending time in Canada and Europe and ending up in the UK.

Since the release of his debut album In Bad Company, Filipe has been performing his music in The UK and abroad along side Paul Booth, Pedro Segundo, Sam Leak, Tim Thornton among others international musicians.

John Parricelli describes this as “a lovely selection of compositions with real variety, beautifully played”.

Reviewed on Rainlore’s World of Music, the album is described as “[….] a highly enjoyable listen, an amazingly polished debut that is somehow irresistible, with sophisticated harmonies, melodies and rhythms, filled with charm and wit, as well as memorable tunes and some very Brazilian grooves.”

“In Bad Company is a fine debut album with it’s joyful melodies and strong playing”
Phil Robson

“As well as his compositional skills, Monteiro is no mean guitar player, displaying a wealth of ideas in solos that abound in lyricism”
BeBop Spoken Here

“Wonderfully consistent, especially so for a debut, In Bad Company is also almost hypnotically, magnetically attractive rather than merely compelling.”
Rainlore’s World Of Music

for more info visit http://www.filipemonteiro.com