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Nigel Thomas

Bass player and composer Nigel Thomas releases his latest album “Hidden” featuring Paul Booth (saxophone), Mark Edwards (piano), Winston Clifford (drums)

About Nigel Thomas

Nigel Thomas is a professional Double Bass player, Composer, Bandleader
and teacher. Nigel started playing aged 17, he studied classical double bass technique
for three years but is mainly self taught.

He has strong soul and blues influences in his background and an affinity with the swinging
Jazz masters of the 40’s and 50’s onwards, through to the ethnic and contemporary Jazz of today.

He has just released a new CD ‘Hidden’comprised of mostly his original compositions
with his new quartet featuring Paul Booth, Winston Clifford and Mark Edwards

Throughout his career he has worked regularly with many great players
including Byron Wallen, Jim Mullen, Pete King, Don Weller, Russell Malone,Toni Kofi, Dick
Pearce, Bryan Spring, Robin Eubanks, Steve Fishwick, Simom Spillitt, Julian Nicholas, Pete Jacobsen,
Winston Clifford, Ben Castle, Paul Booth, Jon Toussaint, Mark Bassey, Renato D’Aiello, Anita Wardell,
Bobby Wellins, Geoff Simkins, Mark Edwards, Alan Barnes, Joe Lee Wilson, and Arnie Lawrence,
to name a few.

In the mid 90’s he formed the Nigel Thomas Quintet, featuring Byron Wallen,
Mark Edwards, Winston Clifford, and Joe Robinson and later recorded the critically
acclaimed C.D. ‘Yoichi’ comprised entirely of Nigel’s original compositions.

He’s played at major festivals in Switzerland with Alex Maguire’s ‘Cat’o’Nine
Tails’ and toured extensively throughout Europe with the highly rated/celebrated
Celtic fusion band Carmina which featured the late great pianist Pete Jacobsen
and recorded the C.D. ‘Weather in the Heart’ with the
band which was produced by Donal Lunny in Dublin.

Nigel has featured in singer Alyson Green’s Quartet
and works throughout the U.K. in
various bands Quartet’s, Trio’s and Duo’s.

He has recorded with many other bands and is currently
working on several other musical projects and performing live
with the Nigel Thomas Quartet.

for more info visit http://www.real-live-jazz.co.uk/about-nigel-thomas